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Information for participants

Conference venue: Hotel YESTERDAY

Address: 8 Economu Cezărescu st., district 6, Bucharest

Telephone: +40 21 340 85 85

GPS coordinates: 44°44'17”N, 26°05'90”E

Reference points: Grozăvești tube station, Pod Grozăvești, Carrefour Orhideea


1. ACCESS to the hotel:

Public transport:

  •  Tube (METRO) Line: M1 (Republica/Pantelimon); stop GrozăveÈ™ti
  • Bus 601; stop Complex GrozăveÈ™ti
  • Bus 105; stop Pod GrozăveÈ™ti
  • Trams: 1, 11, 35; stop Pod GrozăveÈ™ti

2. ACCESS to the centre town (including the old centre):

  • Tube (METRO)

Line: M1 (Republica/Pantelimon), change at Piața Unirii.

From Piața Unirii - Line: M2 (Pipera), stop at Universitate (one stop)

Note: If you walk from Piața Unirii, you will arrive in approx. 10 minutes at Universitate. The Old Town is located between Piața Unirii and Universitate.


  • Bus 601: stop Universitate.

The tube tickets can be procured from the underground counters located at every metro station. The bus/tram tickets can be purchased from the RATB counters placed at the main bus stops.

  • Taxi

We recommend you to use solely the authorized taxi companies such as:

MERIDIAN TAXI: (021) 9444

COBÄ‚LCESCU TAXI: (021) 9451

SPEED TAXI: (021) 9477; (021) 9488

PELICAN TAXI: (021) 9665           

Fare/km: RON 1.39 = approx. € 0.31

Please make sure that the taxi drivers turn the meter on.



National currency: RON

1 € = approx. RON 4.5


Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.
For more information about the Swiss - Romanian Cooperation Programme you can access: www.swiss-contribution.ro and www.swiss-contribution.admin.ch/romania

Proiect co-finanţat printr-un grant din partea Elveţiei prin intermediul Contribuţiei Elveţiene pentru Uniunea Europeană extinsă.
Pentru mai multe informații despre Programul de Cooperare Elvețiano-Român accesați: www.swiss-contribution.ro și www.swiss-contribution.admin.ch/romania